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Les Filles en action


Women's Last few rounds action Gran Canaria Pro Am2019

Iballa Moreno had to work her way thru some big heats to make it to the final where she would face off against not only last years Pro Am winner but the [...]


Sarah SUP Surf Freights Bay Barbados

SUP Surfing at Freights Bay Barbados - 2018


Gran Canaria Pro 2018 #Womens Round 3


2018 Australian SUP Titles - Women's Technical Race

Duranbah Beach, New South Wales


2018 Australian SUP Titles - Open Women's Surfing

1st - Shakira Westdorp (Yellow) : 16.25 2nd - Hannah Finlay-Jones (White) : 11.30 3rd - Skyla Rayner (Red) : 11.20 4th - Terrene Black (Blue) : 9.45


Delphine Macaire - été 2017

Un peu de SUP à la maison mais aussi là où les vagues nous on amené cet été! Rideuse: Delphine Beauchet Macaire Edit: Bertrand Beauchet Macaire


IBALLA MORENO European and Spanish SUP Surf Champion 2017

Un video resumen del Campeonato de Europa de SUP y el Campeonato de España SUP Olas celebrados en Peniche Portugal y Tenerife respectivamente.


Kaylan Dahl - Australie

Kayla Dahl finds some fun little rays of sunshine on a cloudy Winters day.


Shakira Westdorp

Shakira Westdorp is one of the best female SUP surfers in the world, thats no understatement. The fact is she surfs better than most people. Hailing from [...]


Sarah - Barbados 2015

Sarah SUP Surfing - Paddle Barbados


Delphine Macaire - SUP surfing à SIARGAO (Philippines)

Mon petit SUP et moi (et quelques autres bagages...) avons débarqué cet hiver à Siargao aux Philippines. Cette petite île est tout simplement magnifique, [...]


Izzi Gomez - Tahiti June 2015


Iballa Moreno - Maroc and FTV

Some clips from last spring sessions. Spots: Morocoo and Canary Islands


TurtleBayPro 2015 #Highlights

Congratulations to Caroline Angibaud for winning the TurtleBayPro. We had some great conditions in what was an action packed day including the Na Kama [...]


#TurtleBayPro 2015 Preview

The #TurtleBayPro kicks off the Women's #SUWT 2015 season on the North Shore of Hawaii. This iconic location right at the heart of the North Shore provides [...]


Iballa Moreno - Hawaii 2014

Iballa with a resume the first stop of the Stand Up World Tour in Oahu Turtle bay 2014.


Iballa Moreno - Guanche Land


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