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Xavier Leroy SUP longboard style

360 longboard style


Antoine Delpero - 3x360 !

Juste avant le début de la compétition de vagues du mondial de stand up paddle ISA au Pérou, le Français Antoine Delpero score une petite vague avec trois [...]


Dogman SUP Surfing #Highlights 2017

The first of three vids that highlight Roger 'Dogman' Saunders most memorable clips of 2017. The Dogman has been caught in the act riding SUPS from sizes [...]


Finless Freakout with Dogman

If you asked Dogman why he rides his board finless he would say,' Its like re-discovering your board in a whole new light and falling in love with it all [...]


Dogman - Finless Nah Furious

Une petite session de SUP sans aileron, histoire d'envoyer des 360 à tout va...
Dogman has no need for fins.


Airton Cozzolino - Sidi Kaouki (Maroc)

Some footage from one session during summer 2015 when Airton visited Ismail Adarzane in Essaouira. They've been out for some surf and he throw a show [...]


Kody Kerbox's Summer Training

My summer training program in a flash: air reverse and 360


Airton - Cabo Verde

Airton SUPing at his child hood break.


Ryan Helm Finless SUP

Une autre technique pour enchainer les 360: enlever les ailerons tout simplement. Rigolade et gamelle assurée...
Ryan Helm surfing Poseidon Custom 9'6' [...]


SUP 360s - Keahi de Aboitiz

A few clips of some tail 360s on a Stand Up Paddle Board at Tee Tree in Noosa


Ryan Helm SUP UFO

Une bonne manière de rendre fun une session dans de petites vagues mollassonnes. Enlever ses ailerons ou en mettre des rikikis. Et c'est parti pour un [...]


How To Sup 360's

Ryan Judson with and Joe Blair show us how to do a 360 on a stand up paddle board.Ryan Judson stand up paddle boards Cardiff Reef. The [...]


I'm Just the Messenger Laird Hamilton

Laird easy-going SUP ride with a few twists - Hanalei Bay Dec 2012


The Hughes Brothers - small day

Quelques beaux 360 et autres bons mouv' dans cette vidéos de Daniel Hugues et son frère Matthew
On a SUP even really small days can be super fun.


Cutback 360 switch by Kai Lenny

La Torche - Kai Lenny booste un score avec un cutback 360°


Shore break with the PSH Kids Ripper

Petite session sans les ailerons
Noah Messing around ; without fins for fun.


360 SUP Stephane Etienne

Here you have a footage of Stephane Etienne riding a Naish Hokua 8'5 at La Torche -Brittany / France in May 2011 .

SUP Maui Helicopter @30 FPS

Noah Yap doing a helicopter. Shot at 60 FPS but edited to 30 FPS to provide a slower play back without Blur.

Switch Helicopter Shuvit

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