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LongSup Style


Matt Lumley - Australie

Mat tLumley - 13th Beach SUP 31/12/09


Xavier Leroy SUP longboard style

360 longboard style


Antoine Delpero à la Côte des basques (Biarritz)

Une belle leçon de style...

SUP Stand Up Paddle Surfing- Maui Hawaii

Ivan van Vuuren (Owner of COREBAN SUP GEAR), during the making of new Stand Up paddle surfing movie.


Benoit Carpentier - Long SUP Bretagne

Une belle session hivernale pour Benoit Crapentier sur son home spot en Bretagne L'occasion de sortir sa planche favorite un long sup de 9.0 x 26 pour [...]


2023 Longboard SUP Revolution Bali #Event Recap

Beau Nixon recently travelled to Bali, Indonesia to compete in the Longboard SUP Revolution event held from the 7-10th April, 2023. Beau brings you a recap [...]

Benoit Carpentier en Long SUP au Pays Basque

Décembre 2022. Le long SUP fait son retour en compétition et ca c'est vraiment sympa. Ici Benoit Carpentier à l'entrainement avant l'étape APP World [...]


Longboard SUP Surfing Series How To #6 - Cutback

Want to know how to perform a cutback on your longboard SUP? In this video, we break down the elements required to perfect your cutback manoeuvre. In [...]


Timber Tones

SUP surfing on the 10 foot Sunova Style in some subdued timber tones.


SUP SURFING SESSIONS enter the dogman

DOGMAN riding his signature lipstix 10'2 DEEPOCEANBOARDS sup


Flex Day

A little flex day fun on the 12 foot Search


Dogman's Longboard SUP Revolution

Une session sans les ailerons en mode 360 et du carving plus classique en mode longSUP.
Doggie spins heads as he takes his Longboard SUP Revolution [...]


Benoit Carpentier - SUP Longboarding - Hossegor

Does this raise the bar for high-performance longboarding? Pro SUP surfer and ISA medalist Benoit Carpentier takes the new 2019 Starboard 9'0 Longboard [...]


Sydney Paddle Surfing Club - Palm Beach - LongSup & kids

Une belle ambiance dimanche 9 septembre 2018 sur la plage de Palm Beach (Australie). Des dauphins, des enfants, des vagues, du soleil, du longSUP, des [...]


Atlantis Mistress noserider SUP ft Ruben Roxburgh

Atlantis have produced a nose rider SUP that stands out from the crowd not only in looks but with its performance. With a uniquely refined round nose [...]


Too Blurry - Australie


Jackson Close SUP Surfing Session 2017

It's not often that I get the opportunity to film Jackson, with only a few sessions over this year to film it has never been enough. The skill, style and [...]


Dave Boehne is riding the 9 footer on 1 footers

infinity designer/shaper Dave Boehne riding his custom 9' x 26' New Deal from winter 2016.


SUP Surfing Lizard Island

Dogman and Jackson hit out Lizard Island looking for swell to test their signature DEEP 10ft SUP's. Cruising on the 10's, the boys channelled their spirit [...]


Jackson Close SUP Surfing Funday

What would you do on a rainy Sunday? Would you sit inside and listen to the pitta patta of the rain on the window, occasionally peering out only to cower [...]


Dogman 10ft DEEP 2017

They say it's not the size of the boat but the motion of the ocean that matters. least thats what people with small boats say. See Dogman in [...]


Sup Surfing Jackson Close 10ft Deep 2016

Jackson Close is an 4x Australian Longboard Champ, 4x Australian Sup Champ. If my math is any good, thats 8x Aussie champ. And if you add the two surfing [...]


Behind the Rock

Casso's been on the Rhinochaser again


10ft + Comp


10ft of fun


Sony Handy Cam SUP Sessions #2 'SUPLog'

Blurr and the Champ getting groovey on the Infinity SUPLog...


Longboard SUP joy by Dave Kalama

Dave Kalama talks about the pure joy of the glide on longer boards and why long boards style surfing will always have its place i SUP Surfing.


10ft+ comp


Sydney paddle Surfing Club 10FT+ Comp


SPSC 10' Plus #1

An awesome day of fun on 10'+ boards at the first of many to come SPSC 10'+ events. Difficult light and my poor focusing, but a little bit of an idea of [...]


Ekolu Kalama - Epic SUP from a Drone

The song is CMA 'Loose Ends'


Tiny waves in Wales

This is a video of Guts riding the Pearson Arrow Laird 10'Sup in tiny waves in Wales. The board is a superb noserder and a joy to surf. It has a really [...]


Big board for small waves


Al Merrick 9'7 Caddy

Une belle gauche...
This is a video of me riding the Al Merrick 9'7 Caddy sup. hands down the best paddleboard I have ridden!! It's stable and easy [...]


Patrice Guenole (Gong)

high wind stand up paddleboard session with Kik and L'Ours (Patrice Guenole)

Chris Griffiths on the Jimmy Lewis SUP

Chris Griffiths from Guts Surfboards product testing the 10' 8' waverider from Jimmy Lewis!!


Paul Devarieux - LongSUP session

Petites conditions= LongSUP avec le Lokahi custom pro 9'3.


Lazy Mondays with Dogman


Dave Kalama Longboarding SUP FUN

Dave Kalama Shares his thoughts on why Long Boarding style SUP Surfing is still fun


Le jeune Salazar en long SUP

du style


Perfect LongSUP Surf Session - Costa Rica

Beautiful SUP Surf Session - Zero Crowd - Perfect Paddle Surfing Waves Here's a sup surf session from our April 20 - 27, 2019 camp. This particular paddle [...]


Marty Style

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