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Giant Sup Goldenboard

Le Giant SUP Goldenboard ESCAPE CHUBBY 16'0 en action


Sroka Giant SUP boards

Sroka Giant inflatable stand up paddle board is great for many uses. Surf it, run river rapids, paddle it, anchor it, get together with your friends or [...]


The C4 Waterman SUPZILLA

C4 brought out their Supzilla in full force at the Duke's Oceanfest here in Honolulu earlier this year. Here's a video of the C4 Waterman crew as they [...]


SUPZILLA at Makaha

SUPZILLA at Makaha filmed by jeff and edited by Atilla at 'Creative Eye Studio'


Giant SUP Goldenboard ESCAPE CHUBBY 16'0

le Giant SUP de GOLDENBOARD ESCAPE CHUBBY 16'0 en pleine action avec l'UCPA

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