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History of Dave Kalama

Dave Kalama's Waterman journey that made stand up paddling..... Stand up paddling


Building a 14ft plywood SUP

More info on the FB page


C4 Shaper Designer Dave Parmenter Profile (2009)

Meet Dave Parmenter, shaper and designer of C4 Waterman stand up paddle boards.


Notox - un atelier de shape eco friendly ouvert à tous

Présentation de l'atelier Notox et des principes d'éco construction des planches greenOne


BARK: Magic Board - pt 3

Joe Bark starts 2013 with new board testing and for that he relies on his friend, Quickblade's Jim Terrell to help him pick the fastest most stable board [...]


Hilman SUP Paddles

Hilman is a dutch surfer and carpenter. In building paddles for stand-up paddle surfing Hilman's passion for the ocean meets his passion for wood.


Joe Bark - R&D process

Joe Bark and John Becker discuss the R and D process that goes into making the Bark boards for Surftech and team riders. Music by Lymbyc System


Paddle Surf Hawaii Hull Ripper part one

Blane Chambers gives a brief description on what kind of surfing he designed the Hull Ripper for.


Ron House Board explanation 2010

Ron House présente sa gamme de SUP développée pour Riviera / Enbata en 2010
Ron Explains all the boards available from Riviera Paddlesurf

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