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Take Every Wave: Laird in VR

Durée: 4:16

Laird Hamilton's life is unlike many others in that his pursuit of excellent physical condition and forward-thinking wave-riding is still thriving at the age of 53. Enter what's regarded as the longest wave in the world: Chicama, Peru. Join Laird and friends as they chase perfection in the form of 8-10 foot waves stretching over a mile, where rides up to 6 minutes become normal atop the innovative hydrofoil surfboard design. In Take Every Wave: Laird in VR, Laird takes you on a journey in virtual reality that's as beautiful as it is poetic. The reminder here being that even after all these years, this legendary waterman is still finding novel ways to experience the ocean while breaking boundaries with the newest technology.

Special Thanks
Technology Partner: Radiant Images
Chicama Surf Resort: Miguel Vegas Van Oordt
Torus Media Labs: Aden Bahadori; Mark Simpson; Dirk Wallace ; The beautiful town and people of Chicama, Peru.

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