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Surfing the Colorado River

Dan Gavere gives highlights on SUP surfing standing waves during a 15 year high water event on the Colorado River at spring run off.

Jeremy Laugerat- vague statique

session de test du SUP 8' surf aquadesign Spot dans la région de Sisteron...


Mikey T - Colorado

Michael Tavares getting it done for Badfish SUP in Durango, Colorado. Animas River, Smelter 2500 cfs.


Dan Gavere - Lochsa River (USA)

The Lochsa is truly an Idaho Classic, offering paddlers miles and miles of big beautiful whitewater. The most commonly run section is from Fish Creek (2.5 [...]


Mascaret en Malaisie - Kyron and the Chocolate Factory

Fanatic International SUP rider Kyron Rathbone experiences the Benak Tidal Bore in Sri Aman/Malaysia. Kyron surfed the area between Bakong and Sri Aman [...]


Haley Mills on the Badfish 7'6 MVP

Haley Mills paddling the 7'6 Mountain Valley Paddleboard in Salida, CO.


Winter Paddling on the Badfish River Surfer 6'11

Clips from late fall and Winter paddling with the Badfish 6'11 at Rock Island, TN and the Gauley River.


River Surfing-Bavaria Germany


River Surfing Isar Munich


River Surfing Wyoming

River Surfing on the Snake River in Wyoming. Rider: Whitney Guild, Video: Carolyn Guild


River surfing

Peter Bartl en surfe de rivière...


Colorado River Surfing With Badfish SUP

A session with team Badfish SUP surfing the Glenwood Springs Wave on the Colorado River during high flows in the summer of 2014. The team is surfing the [...]


Glenwood Springs Wave

Another great day on the wave. Water Keeps Coming 17,400 CFS 6/11/15


jeremy laugerat - surf statique sur le Lot

vague statique en SUP sur le Lot lors de la première édition du lot paddle fest 2015


SUP River Surfing Basics

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