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Downwind tips


SUP Downwind tip: take the onramp to the freeway

Downwind tip: catch the smaller slower moving bumps to connect into the bigger, faster moving swells. I first heard Guy Pere use this great analogy: find [...]


How to Stand Up Paddle Downwind: Catching bumps and decision making

Learn how to stand up paddle downwind. This video will teach you what to do when your nose goes under, how to steer your board, what to look for in the [...]


SUP Downwind Tips: 5 most common first timer mistakes for Stand Up Paddle boarding

Robert Stehlik covers some of the most common mistakes people make on their first downwinders while Stand Up paddling and shows how to do it right. These [...]


How to Downwind SUP Surf - More Glides and More Fun

Sharing the essential downwind skills that help me catch more waves and have faster runs. We did a big group downwinder in epic conditions and I was reminded [...]

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