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Starboard Longboard 9'0 x 28.0

Le starboard longboard 9'0 est un SUP de Surf toutes conditions par STARBOARD.
Un longSUP performance pour une glisse typée surf longboard

Dates de commercialisation: 2018-2019


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Protocole: La pesée se fait planche sèche avec les ailerons sans leash

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A notre avis pour un gabarit ML - niveau intermédiaire: Technique dans les conditions difficiles
En Surf:
En balade: Conserver uniquement l'aileron central - Manque de volume pour votre gabarit

Ils l'ont: Phil (ML: 1m72 70 kg.)

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Par Phil

Gabarit ML
1m72 70 kg.
48 ans
Niveau Avancé
Avis ajouté le 14 Septembre 2021--
Je l'ai
Usage: Surf toutes conditions ;
Stabilité pour un gabarit MS (Avancé) : Très bonne

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Benoit Carpentier - SUP Longboarding - Hossegor

Does this raise the bar for high-performance longboarding? Pro SUP surfer and ISA medalist Benoit Carpentier takes the new 2019 Starboard 9'0 Longboard for a hyped up session at La Nord Beach, Hossegor, France and pushes the limits to the next level.

2019 Starboard Blue Carbon - Flax Balsa construction


Starboard Longboard 10'0 - 2019 video review

After wondering when Starboard were going to bring a performance longboard surf shape to the market, we now have the board that we were waiting for. The Starboard Longboard is a very good all round surf shape. Ideal for lighter SUP surfers getting into small waves, as well as having enough performance for the more experienced mid-weight surfers to enjoy too. If you're looking at getting into the smooth longboard surfing style then the Starboard Longboard really will put a smile on your face, in knee to head high waves!

2019 Starboard Longboard - New Model

2019 STARBOARD LONGBOARD SUP - AN EVOLUTION OF THE CLASSIC SURF SHAPE. SMOOTH, STYLISH, SIMPLE Inspired by our legendary Starboard Surf Longboard model, designed to perform in waves from 1ft small beach breaks to head high reef breaks. The boards offer fast down-the-line surfing, as well as the ability to perform in the critical section of the wave. These cutting-edge shapes are totally well received by our team riders and anyone who have tested them. Congrats to designer Ollie O'Reilly for setting his mark on the sport.

Starboard Pine Tek Construction Technology

NATURAL UD FLAX RAIL Natural European uni-directional flax fibre wraps the entire rails for maximum hull strength against total breakage. RIGID STANDING AREA - SUSTAINABLY SOURCED PINE A standing area of 0.6mm Australian Pine is added for extra deck impact resistance and rigidity. T-STRINGERS REINFORCEMENT 3 x Glass T-stringers from the midpoint forwards significantly increases strength against total breakage (Available only on all boards below 10ft.) FULL AUSTRALIAN PINE DECK - REPLACING PU PAINT Starlite now uses a custom engineered water-based dye and resin swirl optic to reduce PU paint, reduces paint chips and provides a custom look for each board. EPS CORE - 15 KG/M³ DENSITY Shear resistant, fused and moulded individually to fit each and every Starboard board providing high strength at the lightest weight. Our moulded core technology produces zero EPS wastage. RECYCLED EVA DECK PAD We are shifting toward recycled EVA deck pads from post-industrial EVA waste, increasing UV protection & reducing the use of petroleum.

Test Starboard Longboard Sup 9'0 2019 Pintek

Test par Cyril de freeride du sup starboard longboard 9'0 x 28 101litres. Nouveauté 2019

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Plus d'info sur le starboard longboard 9'0

  • Outline: Parallel straight outline in the mid point provides a smooth fast glide that is easy to trim the board. Narrow diamond tail is extremely reactive in bottom turns. Fuller nose outline gives enough float and stability to ride toes on the nose for classic long board styling.
  • Rocker: Gradual nose kick ensures a smooth take off into waves without pearling. Relatively flat midsection delivers speed feeding into moderate tail kick for responsive turning.
  • Bottom Shape Defined double concave from the nose through until a distinct vee at the tail. Prominent double concave mid section allows the board to roll onto its rail effortlessly to turn direction from the standing area. Pronounced vee tail makes turning very crisp and reactive, essential for fast bottom turns and off the top.
  • Rails Low volume thinned out rails is fundamental in performance. Thin rails help easily engage with minimal foot pressure, giving control down the wave face and hold through steeper sections of the wave. The low volume rails makes it ultra responsive and sensitive to turn direction with speed and control. The flat deck improves stability and makes transitioning effortless from rail to rail allowing for drawn out carves and cutbacks.

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