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Starboard Go 10'8 x 31.0

Le starboard go 10'8 est un SUP de Tout type de balade par STARBOARD.
Une planche de balade très stable, avec beaucoup de glisse et sans l'effet tonneau des planches étravées. Disponible avec des décos magnifiques

Dates de commercialisation: 2018-2019


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Protocole: La pesée se fait planche sèche avec les ailerons sans leash

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Key Features: - SHOULDER CARRY STRAP - BUNGEE TIE DOWN - DEEP CENTER CHANNEL creates a flatter middle rocker for the most efficient and long-lasting glide, similar to our award-winning Allstar race boards. - BOTTOM SIDE PLANE creating a stable platform for unmatched balance. It's really the catamaran concept with volume further out from the middle enhancing stability. Larger sizes perfect for yoga and fitness. - WIDE TAIL AND NOSE provides an entirely smooth and balanced trim for efficient paddling over distance. THE BOXY RAILS increases the stability of the board and limits water flowing onto the deck, keeping feet and gear dry, essential in cooler climates. FAR BACK FIN BOX POSITION improves tracking and reduces the number of times you have to switch the paddle from side to side when paddling. FLAT STANDING AREA for extra comfort when paddling and doing yoga.


- Comes with 3 designs by Sonni Honscheid; Tikhine Wave, Sun, and shout. - Australian pine on standing area for extra impact resistance and rigidity. - Comes with protective rail saver tape to minimizes paddle scratches. The perfect introductory board for first time paddlers who want to paddle fast and stay dry. A progressive, versatile shape sporting a big bottom concave and boxy rails for unmatched stability, speed and glide potential.

Starboard GO 10'8'' Tikhine / All round SUP video review

The Starboard GO finished in the Starshot Sun graphics is an absolutely stunning looking board. But it doesn't end there... the whole Starboard GO range of boards are packed with R&D from Starboard Race and Touring boards, offering an excellent stable platform for flatwater SUP cruising, fitness and yoga. It's the easiest mid length board we've ever paddled with great straight line glide and performance.

2018 GO Tikhine - GET UP AND GO

A progressive friendly board sporting a drastic bottom concave and boxy rails delivering extra stability with unmatched speed and glide potential. #Amazing glide is created by the deep wide middle channel which forms a flatter faster bottom middle curve. # Benchmark stability from the concave catamaran style hull enables one to ride a board 2 inches less wide than normal, increasing the glide. # Great turnability provided by the wide tail platform which makes it easy to step back. # The amazing artwork and inspiration from World Champion paddle boarder Sonni Hönscheid and revolutionary graphic artist David Carson.

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