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Mistral Schoolboard 12'0 x 33.0

Le mistral schoolboard 12'0 est un SUP de Tout terrain par MISTRAL.
Planche de stand up paddle école convertible windsup

Dates de commercialisation: 2020


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Protocole: La pesée se fait planche sèche avec les ailerons sans leash

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Schoolboards Levu and Fidji

Our Fiji 10’9 and Levu 12′ boards, provide the best of both worlds, a soft top, soft railed hard board, constructed of hard wearing, super tough epoxy and PVC decking reinforcement. These boards will deliver great value as workhorses, that will deliver huge amounts of fun and low maintenance worries. They offer a fantastic ‘grab ‘n go’ platform for all ages and abilities, to simply get out on the water and have fun doing it. Recreational fun and simplicity with these timeless shapes for families, schools and rentals concessions. The softness of the EVA all over decking and cushioned-rails, make these boards a joy to own and use. Whether used for SUP’ing or Windsurfing, these two boards are ideal for the recreational paddler seeking a versatile solution in SUP ownership and entry. We have included a mid located fin box to improve upwind performance when windsurfing and being as they are US fin boxes, you can add most any regular fin size you wish to maximise performance. Constructed using epoxy and fibreglass, with a 3mm PVC reinforced decking, these boards are designed to take regular use and are well suited to the rigours of school or hire useage. If you live by the water and need an easy ‘grab ‘n go’ SUP board, either board is ideal. Super stable, easy to manage and paddle, the soft rails ensure the structural element of the board is protected at all times.

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