Gabarit XL1m91 94 kg. - 48 ans - Niveau Intermédiaire
Localisation: Haute-savoie

Quiver: SUP [11] - Pagaies [4]

Rider Profil

- Actualisé le 5 nov. 2016

SUP depuis: 2015 (Entre 50 et 100 sessions/an)

Pratique le SUP toute l'année (qu'il vente ou qu'il neige) en Balade, Race,

Autres sports de glisse: windsurf

Ce que j'aime dans le SUP: fitness, always on the water

Ma première planche de SUP: RRD cruiser 12'

Coté matos, je préfère ramer sur une planche Equilibrée

Mon quiver: Bic tracer 14', gong CM 14 gonflable

Mes pagaies: Select first, 210, reglable, carbon, rigide

Mon dernier mot: Merci pour la super web!!!!

Mes planches (Je les ai)

sic fx pro 14'0 x 25.0 - 290L
Ajouté au quiver le 5 août 2021 - Avis du 5 août 2021
Usage: ;
Stabilité pour un gabarit XL (Intermédiaire) : Très bonne

naish javelin 14'0 x 26.0 - 251L
Ajouté au quiver le 24 oct. 2017 - Avis du 24 oct. 2017
Usage: Race sur eau plate ;
Stabilité pour un gabarit XL (Intermédiaire) : Très bonne

fanatic falcon 12'6 x 27.2 - 284L
Ajouté au quiver le 29 sept. 2017 - Avis du 29 sept. 2017
Usage: Race toutes conditions ;
Stabilité pour un gabarit XL (Avancé) : Très bonne

gong couine marie 12'6 x 26.0 - 290L
Ajouté au quiver le 25 mai 2017 - Avis du 25 mai 2017
Usage: ;
Stabilité pour un gabarit XL (Avancé) : Moyenne

Mes anciennes planches (Je les ai eues)

starboard allstar 14'0 x 24.5 - 309L
Ajouté au quiver le 31 janv. 2017 - Avis du 31 janv. 2017 - modifié le 6 fév. 2017
Usage: Race toutes conditions ;
Stabilité pour un gabarit XL (Intermédiaire) : Très bonne

red-paddle-co race elite 12'6 x 26.0
Ajouté au quiver le 5 nov. 2016 - Avis du 5 nov. 2016
Usage: Tout type de balade ; Race sur eau plate
Stabilité pour un gabarit XL (Intermédiaire) : Moyenne

My second inflatable board after a gong CM 14' First a warning: not a fan of inflatables...I ride them when I have no other choice. But this board is not really bad for an inflatable: very stiff (I inflated to 25 PSI without troubles), quite fast (I reckon it would keep the pace of a 12'6 rigid board on 1 or 2 inches wider), very light, not much of row effect.. But also quite instable for a 26 inch width (if compared to a rigid board) and not adapted (IMHO) to any other condition than flat water or small choppy. It handles the wind quite well on upwind or lateral wind. On downwind..well... not so good, nothing special.. Kickturns and balance..a bit challenging but not impossible. I would recommend it to someone willing to race on the inflatable category for sure, is way faster than other inflatables I've tried.

f-one race pro 14'0 x 23.5 - 255L
Ajouté au quiver le 4 nov. 2016 - Avis du 4 nov. 2016 - modifié le 5 nov. 2016
Usage: Race sur eau plate ;
Stabilité pour un gabarit XL (Avancé) : Moyenne

First ride today on flat water/no wind conditions. Comparing to my second board (bic tracer 14 x 28) it feels lighter, faster and way more unstable. Really nice to paddle, get into speed almost effortless. Very little row effect too. And relatively easy to kick turn, considering the board width. But also quite demanding on balance, at least for my body type and skills. I personally enjoyed it as it turn out to be a great workout for my lower body. I couldn't figure yet where to stand, my first guess is slightly back from the lateral handles (the handles position feels a bit too forward when lifting the board) which is also the widest point of the board (I really need to use as much as lateral space to have a good stance and proper balance) Overall, so far so good...looking forward to ride it again..!!!

bic tracer 14'0 x 28.0 - 298L
Ajouté au quiver le 31 oct. 2015 - Avis du 5 nov. 2016
Usage: ;
Stabilité pour un gabarit XL (Intermédiaire) : Très bonne

Amazing looking, hyper stable, very easy to turn, versatile... great board...!! Going a bit more deeply into the performance: Flatwater: easy, really easy to use, no balance issues. The board glides really well for it size, fast and with very little row effect. That said, I don't think it would make a top race board due to the width (I mean comparing the brand new 21-23 inch width machines...) Finding the right point to stand makes a big deal of difference on speed: for my weight/size, is right at the handle point or slightly forward. No need to go any further front, this is a 'displacement hull' board type and it feels the board glides at it bests when using the full waterline, so avoid lifting the back completely out of the water. Choppy waves/ small or medium waves: still easy on balance, pierce the waves very well on upwind (although quite physical to keep the speed, specially if windy). On downwinds still quite fun and catch bumps relatively well for such a shape. Is not a downwind dedicate board but if you move back and forward and avoid nose diving, you get some nice surfs. Kickturns, balance, etc...really easy!!! Weight wise, didn't check it but when lifted it feels on the same line than other similar 14' boards I've tried. (except of the full carbon top edge racing boards, of course..) If I really have to find a downside: the pad could be longer close to the tail and there are no lateral handles (which is really a shame as this board could easily suit for technical races) So long story short: great overall/all conditions/ 'one board quiver' 14' board

jp-australia race 14'0 x 25.0 - 259L
Ajouté au quiver le 19 mai 2015 - Avis du 5 nov. 2016
Usage: ;
Stabilité pour un gabarit XL (Intermédiaire) : ?

Really fast !!! got it second hand, was my first race board, used it around 50 times. Ideal for my weight/size,on flat water I founded it quite nice and easy to paddle. On waves and/or choppy is more difficult to handle, but anyone with average SUP fitness and balance could handle it. Flat water wise is amazing: Fantastic glide feeling, little row effect, tippy and unstable but not too much, great board! Turning the board is a bit more challenging as the very narrow tail sinks immediately and it requires great balance to stand on. I did a long distance and a technical race on flat water conditions with it. The board is definitely suited for LD's... the TR was a bit more challenging due to the fact that the board is not easy to turn and is has no handles. Lift and run with it is difficult and you'll definitely lose a few meters against other competitors with dedicate boards, not to mention the running starts from land. Weight wise I didn't check it, but it felt a bit heavier than other 14' board I've checked. Construction wise, a bit fragile to my taste (to be careful specially when strapping the board at the car roof, avoid over tension or the board will crack, specially the deck). In conclusion: a great board if you're looking for a fast, nice gliding and flat water dedicate 14' footer.

gong couine marie 14'0 x 28.0 - 350L
Ajouté au quiver le 8 nov. 2014 - Avis du 2 oct. 2017
Usage: Tout type de balade ;
Stabilité pour un gabarit XL (Intermédiaire) : Très bonne

rrd cruiser 12'0 x 30.0 - 270L
Ajouté au quiver le 27 juil. 2013 - Avis du 27 juil. 2013
Usage: Tout type de balade ;
Stabilité pour un gabarit L (Intermédiaire) : Très bonne

Super board! Fast, responsive.. Great for fitness and long rides. Also good for downwind (a bit technical) and some small waves surf.. quite good for windsurfing on light/medium winds, but in this case, the only negative note is the quality of the original fin(I use it with a 6.5 sail? It's a bit too short and soft) My wife enjoys it a lot too! Very easy for beginners. My little daughter loves to ride with me, the board has plenty of volume for an adult + a child. Overall, a great fitness/all round/family board... Must have it on your quiver!

Mes pagaies

Gong Carbon pro (Je l'ai) - [avis du 13 mai 2017 ] :
Programme: balade, race Longueur: ma taille + 17 cm Module: 8' fixe
Quickblade V Drive (Je l'ai) - [avis du 28 mars 2017 ] :
Programme: Race Longueur: ma taille + 13 cm Modèle: Manche conique/pale 91 sq/in.
Starboard Bolt (Je l'ai) - [avis du 18 oct. 2016 ] :
Programme: Fitness/Touring Longueur: ma taille + 21 cm Modèle: Hybride, pale M, manche S40
Select First (Je l'ai) - [avis du 17 mars 2015 ] :
Programme: balade/Fitness Longueur: 1.90 + 20 cm Modèle: First
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