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GlaGla Race 2022 #After show

Durée: 2:27

The humble GlaGla Race has become something of a stand up paddling phenomenon. Held in a quiet corner of France in the freezing cold depths of winter, this amazing race has officially become one of the biggest in the world after a record 720 paddlers signed up for the 2022 adventure.”

Rdv: Glagla race 2022
Destination: annecy
Rdv: Glagla race 2023

annecy (videos)

Walk on water lake Annecy
balade, en toute simplicité, en paddleboard sur notre 'home spot' d'Annecy. [...]
NCY SUP paddle center, centre de paddle sur le lac d'Annecy
Le NCY SUP est un centre de paddle sur le lac d'Annecy. Le NCY SUP est localisé [...]
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