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Red Paddle Co 14'0 Elite - 2017 - Review

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The 2017 Red Paddle Co 14'0 Elite is a racing inflatable paddleboard and quite possibly the most rigid iSUP in the world that to it's use of the RSS Batten System and the all-new Forward Flex Control ( FFC ).

At 14' long and just 660mm / 25' wide, the Red Paddle Co 14'0 ELITE has been shaped to cut through the water like a hot knife through butter. The Red Paddle Co 14'0 ELITE rides high at 150mm thick, reducing drag, while the nose runner fin keeps the paddle board tracking straight without creating drag, a combination that lies at the heart of what makes this board so fast and so easy to control in race conditions. It's also a great downwind board - it picks up swell with ease, glides beautifully and has a predictable nature which makes it rewarding to ride. All this in a paddleboard you can deflate, pack away and carry home in a backpack. The Red Paddle Co 14'0 ELITE is a winner on so many levels!

Much of the Red Paddle Co 14'0 Elite's performance lies in its design. With a paddleboard thickness of 5.9' the Red Paddle Co 14.0 Elite was always going to be stiff but add in the Red Paddle Co RSS Batten System and the all-new Forward Flex Control strut system you have a inflatable SUP that is easily the most rigid available today, if not ever! The all-new Forward Flex Control (FFC) is Red Paddle Co's patented system which stiffens the front section of the board to remove flex created in sprinting phases of a race. The Forward Flex Control system comprises of a two piece carbon fibre strut which is clipped in under tension during the inflation period and is very simple to set up. The central guide of the FFC system also incorporates a RAM camera mount.

When at 20PSI and with both the RSS Batten System and Forward Flex Control locked in, this is one rigid inflatable paddleboard! This feature loaded paddleboard also has a rocker line desgined for fast gliding performance and handles on the forward section of the paddleboard that makes beach start's a breeze.

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