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Infinity Blackfish 12'6 x 27.0

Le infinity blackfish 12'6 est un SUP de Race sur mer formée par INFINITY.

Dates de commercialisation: 2017


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Protocole: La pesée se fait planche sèche avec les ailerons sans leash

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2017 Infinity Blackfish Raceboard

Dave Boehne runs through the all new Infinity Blackfish raceboard design. New for 2017, the ProBox twin fin set up and front Ventral box standard. An Infinity original design by Larry Allison and Dave Boehne The 2017 Blackfish is Dave Boehne’s latest Bob Simmons inspired planing hull design that is taking the race world by storm. World Champion Candice Appleby, Slater Trout and Aussie stud Toby Cracknell all race this board in all conditions. Originally intended as an ocean racer because of it’s superior stability at narrow widths, it has proven to hang in the at water stuff as well. 2017 received a rounder sweet spot adding at water glide while maintaining the badass Black sh DNA. Even more volume added in the nose as well the channel in the bottom became more significant specifically directing water out the back release. The planning hull rides on top of the water rather than parting it away like a displacement hull. This makes for very fast get up and go and higher max sprint speeds. “Like skipping a stone”. The linear outline gives it a stability advantage and the rolled nose entry make it very forgiving and versatile in a number of conditions: through surf, up and down wind, chop, etc. Choose this board if you want to get max stability, sprint faster than ever before, and Paddle Like a Freak when the elements are ugly.

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