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Comparatif infinity blackfish 12'6 VS nsp sonic 12'6

Modèle Blackfish 12'6 x 25.0Sonic 12'6 x 24.5
Longueur12'6" ≡ 381 cm 12'6" ≡ 381 cm
Largeur25.0" ≡ 63.5 cm24.5" ≡ 62.2 cm
Epaisseur Non Communiqué Non Communiqué
Boîtiers d'ailerons41
ProgrammeRace sur mer forméeRace sur mer formée
Poids à partir deNC10.3kg
Tarif public TTC
  • 2017 - carbone 2795€
  • 2018 pro carbon - carbone 0€
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Blackfish 12'6 x 25.0Sonic 12'6 x 24.5
Le mot de NSP:
  • Sonics are proven race winning boards. No performance compromises are made with these dedicated downwind and course racing designs.
  • They are very strong performers in upwind and downwind conditions as the bulbous nose pops over chop to carry speed upwind and catch bumps downwind.
  • The 14/23 is extremely competitive and designed for elite racers or lighter experts to win races in smoother open water conditions and flat water.
  • The 14/24 can handle choppier conditions, having a different rocker line than the 14/23, it is extremely competitive for elite and experts as soon as there is water texture to pull away from the pack.
  • The 14/25.5 is the same concept as the 14/24 but more stable and comfortable for advanced and expert racers in open ocean conditions, harbor chop and for downwinders. If you are not in front of the pack in an elite field and you are battling in crowded racing conditions, you will be faster on the 14/25.5 than the 14/24.
  • The 12’6/24.5 covers all the demands of the 12’6 race class in open ocean, harbors, flat water and downwinders. Ideal for intermediate to expert paddlers in most conditions and for experts only in bigger ocean swells.
  • Compared to the Ninja and Puma, the Sonic is the dedicated raceboard for choppier water, harbors, open ocean conditions and downwinders

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