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Bruno - la Garonne

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Naish ONE 12'6
The Naish ONE design is the perfect recreational touring board for paddlers [...]
Beau Nixon - Hawkesbury River (4days / 64km)
DO NOT FOLLOW blog Hawkesbury [...]
Naish one challenge (Lyon 2013)
La deuxieme manche du sprint Naish One en video! Une belle victoire d'Olivier [...]
SUP Chiemsee Pips Prien
SUP am Chiemsee mit Pips. Paddel Quickblade 110 getestet, leider etwas zu lang. [...]
Naish One Air review by paddleboardspecialists
We've tested quite a few inflatable boards now and this is the first one we [...]
Sup Race Freestyle Naish One
Rider et Montage: Philippe MESMEUR. SUP de Race mixé d'un peu de Freestyle. [...]
2016 Naish Inflatables | All-around Cruising and Racing SUP Board
Premium Naish Inflatable boards offer an impressive assortment of shapes well-suited [...]
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