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Tropical-blends Allround kane 10'6 x 30.0

Le tropical-blends allround kane 10'6 est un SUP de Tout terrain par TROPICAL-BLENDS.

Dates de commercialisation: 2011-2014


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Protocole: La pesée se fait planche sèche avec les ailerons sans leash

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Tropical Blends Hawaii 10'6 Wahine

This board is, without a doubt one of our most popular models. It's a difficult task to design a board that not only paddles well in a variety of conditions but also surfs when put to the task. If you're thinking that you want to get some exercise paddling in the flats and go after that occasional wave, check out the Wahine. This board's 30'' wide surf styled outline gives the beginner the stability needed to build confidence and the maneuverability that puts a smile on the face of even the most seasoned rider.

Tropical Blends Hawaii 10-6 Kane

The Kane was built for the guys that keep taking their wife's board (The Wahine) out into the surf and asking 'why the girly colors?'. To make everyone happy, we applied alternative graphics, added a couple more fin boxes for surf options and changed the name. Otherwise these two boards are identical. Both the Kane and the Wahine provide great all around performance. Whether venturing from point to point, exercising in the flats or heading straight for the surf, you can't go wrong with either board.

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