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Starboard River 11'0 x 34.0

Le starboard river 11'0 est un SUP gonflable de Eau vive par STARBOARD.
Une planche rapide et stable. Idéale pour la descente en eau-vive.

Dates de commercialisation: 2019


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Protocole: La pesée se fait planche sèche avec les ailerons sans leash

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2019 Starboard Inflatable River

Paddling whitewater isn’t for everyone – but for those that can and do, it’s one of the ultimate SUP thrills. We’ve built a board that’s ready to take on the rapids. The longer model, 11’0’’ offer faster glide for river racing, while the shorter model 9’6’’ is more maneuverable and reactive for technical courses. 6’’ thickness gives stiffness and volume to handle steep drops. Key Features for 2019: STANDING TRAY - New with built up EVA sidewalls allows riders to use the slight rail to wedge their feet for additional support in tough conditions MULTIPLE HANDLES Multiple reinforced carry handles on all corners for easy access back onto the board. BUNGEE TIE DOWN For storing gear and supplies DEEP DIAMOND GROOVED PAD increases traction and control with less risk of slipping off when wearing footwear. WIDER AND SQUARER NOSE Improves stability to handle bigger drops and helps the board pop back up from nose diving. DOUBLE LAYER CONSTRUCTION Extra durable double layer skin deck and bottom for greater impact resistance from hitting rocks in the rivers. WHITEWATER FIN Shallow white water fins optimises tracking and turning with minimal drag and risk of hitting obstacles in the shallow water. Center Ph-River fin improves tracking. CURVED ROCKER LINE - Raised nose rocker limits the nose diving and catching during turns. - Tail kick helps to lift the nose during turns and change direction with ease. INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY: NEW HEAT WELDED RAIL - BONDED FOR LIFE – New welding technology turns 2 pieces of materials into a single solid unit resulting in an extra strong Mechanical Bond. – A mechanical bond is stronger, lasts longer and better for the environment. – Welding creates a complete airtight seam without the risk of glue weakening over time. DELUXE TECHNOLOGY - EXTRA STIFF The Deluxe technology fuses the deck and bottom PVC into a single layer, removing the need to apply glue & solvent thus reducing unnecessary weight. A 3K Carbon fiber compression band is laminated along the entire outline to control the shape and support stiffness.

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