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Atlantis Mistress noserider SUP ft Ruben Roxburgh

Durée: 1:37

Atlantis have produced a nose rider SUP that stands out from the crowd not only in looks but with its performance.

With a uniquely refined round nose and deep concave through the bottom, the Atlantis Mistress creates amazing lift when riding on the nose as well as incredible easy wave entry and stability to ride.

The Mistress's pulled in rounded pin along with the twin flyers to reduce surface area through the tail is designed for maximum performance allowing you to crank your turns in the more critical sections of the wave, while keeping speed and flow.

Atlantis have kept a lower rocker and added a deep log style nose concave giving you extra lift and flow while on the nose.

The Mistress has a far more pinched rail compared to traditional surf SUPs, this creating a board that holds perfect trim.

Theme: LongSup Style

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